Lymphoma Support Group


The lymphoma group is here to allow those diagnosed with Central Nervous System (CNS=brain & spinal cord) Lymphoma a place to share experiences, information, support, and hope. After attending several BT and finding that there is very little mention of CNS lymphoma. I also have not found many CNS survivors to share experiences with at these events. Here is a place where those who have a vested interest can share medical news, personal concerns and stories of hope. We may be few but you do not need to feel all alone.

About the Facilitator

Barry Gates was diagnosed with Primary CNS lymphoma on Sept. 26 2002. After going through the C5R protocol of “high dose” Methotrexate followed by “whole brain” radiation he entered remission on May 2003. In addition to facilitating this forum he has had support group experience as a facilitator for an Al Anon group, and a codependent anonymous group. He hopes to soon facilitate a BT support group in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Mr. Gates requested that this group be created after having attended multiple brain tumor conferences (with several hundred survivors present) and finding little information on CNS lymphoma and VERY few fellow survivors in attendance. Group communication is by a private email list hosted by T.H.E. BRAIN TRUST, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization specializing in internet based and patient oriented brain tumor support groups.

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