The BRAINTMR list was the first internet-based email support group for brain tumors started in 1993 by our founder. It covers all tumor types and is still hosted at MIT. For more information or to subscribe, follow this link:

Our Online Support Groups

The following is a list of support and information groups run by The Healing Exchange BRAIN TRUST. These online communities communicate using email. More detailed information about each group including a description of the group, its membership, its message volume, and how to join may be found by clicking on the “Learn more…” link under each group’s name.

Adult BSG

The Adult Brainstem Glioma online support group is a private email list consisting of adults dealing with the diagnosis of a brain stem tumor and their caregivers. Researchers and clinicians are also welcome. Learn more…

List Facilitator – Jennifer Gutierrez


For adults with ependymoma. Learn more…

List Captain – Bruce Blount


Caregivers of brain tumor patients. Learn more…

List facilitator – Sandra Norton


For craniopharyngioma patients, caregivers and medical professionals. Learn more…

List facilitator – David McCorkle


Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial Tumors. Learn more…

List facilitator-  Toni Levinson


Parents of Children with ependymoma. Learn more…

List facilitator – Jill Dombrowski


A group for anyone affected by a glioblastoma. Learn more…

List facilitator – Matthew Fullerton


CNS Lymphoma. Learn more…

List facilitator – Barry Gates


For men and women with meningioma. Learn more…

List facilitator – Samantha Scolamiero (acting facilitator)


Support and information for anyone affected by an Oligodendroglioma. Learn more…

List facilitator – Tom Stoddard