Glioblastoma Support Group


The glioblastoma list, also be referred to as “the gbm list,” is a resource to share information about gbm’s for patients, survivors, and caregivers. These guidelines may help you better understand how the group functions especially if you are new to using a mailman type list. Group communication is by a private email list hosted by T.H.E. BRAIN TRUST, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization specializing in internet based and patient oriented brain tumor support groups.

About Our Group

The glioblastoma online support group is the premier email list for persons diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor (gbm), their caregivers, researchers and clinicians. Hosted by T.H.E. BRAIN TRUST, the group’s participants share information and hope in surviving a gbm diagnosis. Members have expressed numerous times how invaluable this connection is to their survival in the complicated world of brain tumors. If you or someone special to you has/had a glioblastoma, please join the group

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