Welcome to T.H.E. BRAIN TRUST

For many patients and families, dealing with a brain tumor is a very isolating experience. The average person has no idea what it is like to have a brain tumor. The members of our support groups often comment on how valuable it is to them to belong to a community where others do know what they are going through.

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T.H.E. BRAIN TRUST’s primary purpose is to provide support to people affected by brain tumors and related conditions. To accomplish this, we host a diverse collection of online support groups. Many of our groups focus on specific tumor types, which enables people with relatively rare tumors to have a way to connect with others who have experience living and dealing with those tumors. Other groups are more general and provide a place for people to discuss just about anything related to brain tumors and the impact they have on the lives of patients, their families and loved ones.

Being connected to a community of people who truly understand what you are going through is invaluable and incredibly helpful. If you are dealing with issues related to brain tumors, please consider subscribing to one of more of our groups.

Thank You!