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The support groups hosted by T.H.E. BRAIN TRUST are run using software called “Mailman”. The groups communicate via email. Subscribing is a simple process. Simply click on the “join now” link below, enter your email address and name and click submit. You may also wish to enter a password for yourself. If you don’t, Mailman will create one for you, which will be cryptic and difficult to remember. After submitting your request, you will receive an automated message from Mailman asking you to confirm your request. Simply follow the instructions in that message and your request will be confirmed and will be submitted to the facilitator for approval.

If you experience difficulty during this process or you need to contact the facilitator, please complete the contact form below. The facilitator replies to requests and subscribing problems only. Please DO NOT use this contact form to subscribe. To subscribe you need to click the gray “JOIN NOW” button. Questions about gbm and treatments are best sent to the group after you subscribe. Welcome to the gbm list.

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